In a bold move, Binko launched his new INSTINCT shoe, calling on fans to "Emerge from the shadows and unleash your inner warrior!"

Featuring gold soles, camo textile, and genuine leather, these kicks are designed for style and comfort. Each pair is hand-crafted in Italy and comes with a LIMITED EDITION collectors box.

Depicting Binko as sort of a military style superhero in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, he explains the significance of the image:

"It takes strength to find your power and be your own hero when all hope feels lost and the odds are stacked against you. I'm not nearly as confident as I portray myself, but through times of adversity I've relied on an alter-ego that's slowly becoming part of my being. Ultimately, what I've learned and want to share with people is, to find that part of yourself it must exist in the first place... nurture that little voice and anything is possible."

INSTINCT is the second shoe in Binko's collection - the first is the IC(O)N released in February.


Updated: Sep 4

In celebration of his 32nd birthday, Binko unveiled his first shoe from a line coming in Autumn 2020.

The IC(O)N is a low-rise luxury sneaker made of genuine Italian leathers. Each pair is hand-crafted in Italy and comes with a LIMITED EDITION collectors box. Designed with a silver sole, these kicks can be worn on the street or rocked on stage.

UPDATE: (09/03/20)

Pre-orders have opened! Order a pair HERE.

Binko was quoted in the Valentines Day edition of Milwaukee Magazine. Local notables were asked to share their thoughts on what makes someone sexy. This is what he had to say:

“Hands down, the most attractive quality in a person is authenticity. I spent a lot of my 20s trying to make relationships fit, but so far my 30s have been all about honoring where people are at... It’s the balance of owning oneself with confidence, while still being open-minded enough for growth. There is strength in that vulnerability.”

It's a small feature, but we didn't miss a chance to grab a copy at Barnes & Noble!

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