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May 8

#teambinko 😍




May 8

Hey @edgington09 . Please make sure you adjust your picture to follow the rules in Binko’s video and post for your submission to count:


- Your picture should be submitted as a comment on the original contest post

- The hashtag needs to be present IN the photo (not edited over it)


I will check with Steven, but when It comes to giveaways he’s pretty strict about the rules so everyone has an equal shot at winning.

I don’t think you should make an exception. It says it clearly on the video and he showed examples. If the rest of us have to put in the effort, he should too.


New Posts
  • I feel like season 1 got better as it went along, but I liked how real the first episode was. Pride was cool, the cooking was fun, but getting to see his butt in the Halloween one was priceless! The drag one waz interesting but wayyyyyy to long.
  • Don’t be shy! We wanna see pics of you guys wearing (or holding up) your #TeamBinko merch! Share your pics on this thread so other fans can see! Binko sent out 30 FREE postcards last week and we’re dying to see who received them so far!
  • Who else received an email from the old forums today? I was so excited to see Binko revisit this because the majority of us are like family!