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Featured Fans

Each month we highlight one super-fan who deserves an honorable mention in our "hall of fame".

Bradley Cox meets Steven Binko at Ohio Pride in 2018

Bradley Cox

Fan-Photo Contest Winner

After winning a photo contest, Bradley became the first fan to be featured on Binko: Unscripted! He met Steven on set in Columbus, OH, June 2018.

Taylr Oakley wins fan date with Steven Binko in 2018.

Taylor Oakley

First Date Contest Winner

After a grueling campaign for votes, Taylor was selected to go on a first date with Binko (July 2018). They attended a pottery class determined by fan polls.

Steven Binko and Sylvia Lukowiak

Sylvia Lukowiak

More than a Screen Name

Originally a fan from Binko's BlogTV days in 2007, Sylvia later helped with The Escape in 2008, debut concert in 2010, and appeared in several videos!


Shawn & Joseph King

Surprise Encounter

As fans of Binko: Unscripted, it came as quite a shock to spot Binko taping in a crowd of over 500,000 people at Pride. They were invited to join the episode!


Mason Cornelison

A Long Time Coming...

After two years of waiting, Mason finally caught Binko at a concert. He was invited backstage for a special interview with Local First Podcast.

Mary Riley & April Samuels meet Steven Binko at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007

Mary Riley

#TeamBinko OG on BlogTV

One of Binko's earliest followers, Mary has been a fan since 2007. They finally met January 2015 while on his US tour in Los Angeles, CA.


James Apedaile

Proud Supporter

While James hasn't met Binko (yet), he has been a loving advocate for 5 years. He sports the merch, shares the videos, and engages on the daily!

Kevin Aubery meets Steven Binko on the red carpet at his 30th Birthday.

Kevin Aubery

From Fan-to-Friend

Kevin met Binko for the first time at his 30th birthday. After years watching his videos, he later helped film them! They have since become close friends.

Roxana Parker and Steven Binko collaborate at a body building competition in 2013 for her tanning business Exotica Tanning.

Roxana Parker

Beauty & Business

In 2012, Roxana was featured on a pilot episode with Binko. Reuniting to collaborate on her tanning business, she's been a huge supporter ever since!

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